Alex Becker’s Crypto Gaming Strategy For The Impending Bull Run
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Alex Becker’s Crypto Gaming Strategy For The Impending Bull Run

Alex Becker, In his latest video, divulges the details of his crypto gaming strategy. Let's delve into the intricacies of his strategy.

Alex Becker’s Crypto Gaming Strategy For The Impending Bull Run

Alex Becker has long been vocal about his ambitious goal of turning $5 million into an astounding $500 million during the upcoming crypto bull run. In his latest video, he divulged the details of his crypto gaming strategy, providing a comprehensive breakdown of his strategic approach. While some of our budgets may be more modest, the underlying principles remain applicable. You could potentially transform $5000 into an impressive $500,000. Let’s delve into the intricacies of his strategy and explore how he plans to achieve such extraordinary returns.

One observation from keeping tabs on Alex Becker’s Twitter reveals his swift transition to the FOMO mindset. Just a month ago, he asserted, “I don’t think a crypto wide bull is possible in a macro like this” and stayed firm in this belief, later adding, “like it or not a lost decade situation where we could potentially see no big bull runs until 2030 is totally on the table”.

However, in the dynamic world of crypto, situations pivot rapidly. Mere days later, Becker’s stance evolved as he tweeted, “I want a bull n to be a disgusting 3am red light behind 7/11 pig in dirtbag low/mid caps more than anyone. People who are acting like a bearish situation is totally off the table tho are dangerous and piss drunk atm tho.”

The rapid shift from anticipating a decade-long bear market to considering its absence happened in a flash. Yet, the evolution didn’t end there.

As Bitcoin soared past $30,000, Becker’s FOMO sentiments intensified. He candidly tweeted just days ago, “not going to lie this pump even has me feeling fomo”. If there were any doubts about his stance, they were quashed hours later when he declared, “moving several million to my hot onchain wallets”, signaling his readiness to invest. Coinciding with this, Becker unveiled his revised crypto gaming playbook, a strategy he intends to leverage to transform $5 million into a colossal sum. Considering the stakes, it’s perhaps worth a closer look.

Becker begins by highlighting that in the realm of gaming coins, significant movement isn’t observed until Bitcoin hits the $40,000 mark. From the get-go, he delves into his “trickle down thesis”, which posits that larger market caps pave the way, subsequently influencing smaller ones in a domino effect. For example, BTC typically spearheads the movement, followed by the ripple effect on the top 10 coins. Once these coins surge, it’s a clear sign of a robust bull market, which then propels the top 100 cryptos. Subsequently, the top 100 influence the next 900, and those 1000 in turn sway the top 10,000.

It’s crucial to highlight that many crypto gaming projects currently reside within the top 1000 to 10,000 range. A critical insight is that as you venture further down the list, the trickle-down effect amplifies, leading to more dramatic returns on investment. This is attributed to these projects having smaller market caps and inherently being more volatile. So, in a scenario where Bitcoin experiences a 50% surge, a micro cap like Vulcan Forge or Gala Games might skyrocket by 400%. Becker’s point of contention, however, is that this hasn’t materialized yet, given that Bitcoin’s recent growth was 30% in the past month, while a popular choice like Axie only saw a 7% increment.

Becker’s crypto gaming strategy outlines three ways to play this market perfectly:

Move A: Leveraging The ETF Narrative

Hold off until the ETF narrative concludes. If approved and BTC begins its meteoric ascent, it’s prime time to invest in gaming cryptos. This strategy is, according to Becker, the most straightforward. He’s of the opinion that if Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory, reaching the $40,000 benchmark, it’s the cue to start investing in crypto games, anticipating the impending trickle-down impact. On the flip side, if the ETF doesn’t receive the green light or turns into a ‘sell on the news’ scenario—which is a plausible outcome—refrain from purchasing. The rationale? Gaming cryptos may not gain momentum if Bitcoin remains bearish, a pattern observed over the previous 18 months. However, there’s a caveat: a particular event could change this trajectory, leading us to Move B.

Move B: An Isolated Gaming Run

Becker’s strategy hinges on anticipating a crypto game like Midnight Society, or a similar contender, to break into the mainstream. By mainstream, he’s referencing the buzz created by streamers and influencers endorsing and promoting it. Once a single crypto game achieves this level of virality and becomes the talk of the town, it will inevitably create ripples, influencing the success of other games in the sector. Becker posits that this could serve as the trigger for a much-awaited, isolated surge in the crypto gaming market. If this scenario unfolds, investors could potentially reap 10x returns, even if BTC’s movement remains stagnant. This segues into the next strategy, Move C.

Move C: Asymmetric Risk Reward

Alex Becker has pointed out that there are certain crypto coins that are merely 10 to 20% above their lowest values. He believes they won’t dip more than 50% from their current standings. For example, APE coin is just 10% above its lowest value. While Becker finds it hard to envision an APE value at .50c, he does see the possibility of it reaching $5 worst case scenario in a gaming surge. If you’re comfortable with potential losses and can bear a 50% hit for a chance at 10-20X gains, then Move C might be the crypto gaming strategy for you.

With a $10,000 investment in crypto gaming, coins like Ape Coin present a risk of dropping by up to 50%. So, a $10,000 investment might decrease to $5,000 in the worst-case scenario. However, the upside is tantalizing: that same investment could skyrocket to $100,000 or even $200,000 during an intense gaming crypto bull market. This strategy is worth considering for those who can handle the risk, as it holds the potential for monumental returns.

Becker has often hit the mark since he began discussing crypto gaming on YouTube in 2021. However, he might be missing a crucial element: market timing. During the previous bull run, the surge in gaming didn’t commence until about a year in. Becker recognizes this and, like many, anticipates a similar trajectory this cycle. The distinction from the last cycle is that the crypto gaming narrative wasn’t as prevalent at the bull run’s inception. Axie was a significant game-changer, emerging around 12 months after ETH began its ascent. Now, a larger crowd is poised on the periphery, eager to enter the market and pinpoint the ideal gaming gems for potential windfalls. While Becker rightly points out that BTC’s performance surpasses that of games like Axie, smaller market cap gaming tokens are showcasing commendable growth within the same span.

Taking a snapshot of recent market activity, BTC has risen 20% over the past week. Yet, when we examine specific gaming cryptocurrencies, we observe more notable increases: UFO Gaming has surged by 58%, GALA by 54%, Vulcan Forge by 44%, Altura by 39%, and Nakamoto Games by 38%. These aren’t the large-scale 10x or 20x gains that many are holding out for, but these gaming tokens are showing movement within the same 24-hour cycles as BTC, a pattern that was absent in the last cycle. This indicates that the window of opportunity may be shorter than Becker suggests. Additionally, the impact of influential voices in the crypto space cannot be underestimated. When figures like Becker, Elio, and Hustle signal a buying phase, it has the potential to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into these tokens’ market caps. We’ve observed this before: Becker’s commentary once propelled Altura to a 10x increase in just a week. Such endorsements can trigger a cascading effect, leading many to believe an independent crypto gaming surge is underway, when in reality it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy driven by influential narratives.

The dynamic interplay between cryptocurrency market sentiment and the actions of key influencers underscores a complex ecosystem where perception often drives reality. As we chart the potential for exponential growth in the crypto gaming sector, it’s essential to balance optimism with caution. The market’s pendulum swings between fear and greed, driven by regulatory whispers and influencer endorsements, can create both opportunities and pitfalls. The astute observer will recognize that timing, more than anything, holds the key to unlocking these digital treasures.

Alex Becker’s crypto gaming strategy, while ambitious, serves as a testament to the crypto world’s allure, promising the kind of returns that are rare in traditional markets. Yet, this world is not for the faint-hearted. It demands a willingness to navigate the unpredictable waves of market sentiment, regulatory scrutiny, and technological advancements. Whether the next bull run is upon us or not, the fusion of gaming and crypto continues to offer a frontier of untapped potential, beckoning those who are prepared to take calculated risks in anticipation of remarkable rewards.

The wisdom gleaned from past cycles, coupled with a vigilant eye on the present market dynamics, could empower the average investor to make informed decisions. As we watch the influence of prominent figures shape the market’s direction, it’s a reminder that while history may not repeat itself, it often rhymes. The key takeaway from Becker’s playbook is not just the strategies themselves, but the adaptability and foresight required to apply them successfully in an ever-evolving landscape.

Ultimately, the unfolding chapter of crypto gaming’s saga will be written by those who not only understand the power of influence and market trends but also by those who recognize the pivotal moments to act. The dance between caution and boldness will continue, with each investor’s steps determining their place in the story of cryptocurrency’s ongoing revolution.

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